Street Names

Versions of the following articles orginally appeared in the Shrewsbury Chronicle.

Shrewsbury has more than its fair share of fascinating street names – Wyle Cop, Shoplatch, and Dogpole are obvious examples. But what is often overlooked is how many Shrewsbury streets are named after people. The names of some of these people are well known, such as Darwin and Clive, but who was Hazledine, Haycock, or Carline? This section of the website aims to tell the stories of some of these long-forgotten people.

Carline Crescent
Haycock Way
Telford Way
Simpson Square
Janes Place
Ann’s Hill





Clement Memorial
Burton Street
Hazledine Way
Pelham Road
Benyon Street
Bage Way





The Dana
Ditherington Road
Howard Street
Pemberton Way
Darwin Gardens
Mytton Oak Road





Stanton Green
Corbet Close
Drinkwater Street
Robertson Way
Pritchard Way





Scott Street
Rocke Street
Butler Road
Ashton Road
Kennedy Road
Moreton Crescent





Adams Ridge
Wingfield Gardens
Clive Road
Shaw Road





Lord Hill’s Column
Thieves’ Lane
Burr’s Field
The Armoury /Sutton Spa
Rowland Court





Pride Hill
Pountney Gardens
Oteley Road
Mill Road
Blakeway Mews
Town Walls





Hill’s Lane