Memory Corner February 14th 2019

Friday February 14th, 1794

A MANUFACTORY is just established at Bristol for making hair-powder from potatoes.  After being well washed, the potatoes are ground fine, and by the addition of water are converted into a liquid paste, the most fibrous parts of which being separated by means of sieves. The paste is exposed to the air to dry it, and thereby it becomes a kind of starch of most exquisite whiteness.

THE FRENCH are making uncommon exertions to restore their navy to its former strength, and for this purpose every seaman in France is in a state of requisition.


Friday February 12th, 1819

JOHN CROFT MOON, Surgeon, Apothecary & Man-Midwife, most respectfully informs the inhabitants of Newtown, Baschurch, and its vicinity, that he has taken a house and commenced practice there, and hopes by unremitted attention and assiduity to merit their confidence and support.

DIED – last week at Ludlow, in his 62ndyear, Mr Robert Pryce, Standing Overseer [of the poor] in this place near 20 years.  In his death the town will sustain the loss of a valuable and trusty servant, his wife a good husband, his family a tender father, and the poor a sincere friend.


Friday February 12th, 1869

DAMAGING A HAT – a boy named George Pugh was charged at the Borough Police Court on Wednesday with kicking a hole in a felt hat belonging to another boy, named Meredith. Meredith’s hat, it appeared, was blown off by the wind, and the defendant, who was passing by at the time, deliberately ran up to it and kicked a hole in it.  He was ordered to pay 1s 6d damage, a fine of 1s, and 8s 6d costs.


Friday February 14th, 1919

SHREWSBURY TOWN COUNCIL – WAR TROPHIES – a letter was read from the Government offering the borough war trophies in the shape of two German machine-guns etc.  The Mayor suggested that this letter should be referred to the finance committee.  He thought it was a matter that required some consideration because they ought to know what they were getting. If they were to have guns, he thought it would be very nice if they could have some of the guns which were captured by the Shropshire Regiment.  The Mayor’s suggestion was adopted.

AGRICULTURAL RELIEF OF ALLIES FUND, SHROPSHIRE BRANCH – the cessation of hostilities is causing a great demand upon this fund to assist the re-stocking of the devastated areas in France, Belgium and Serbia.  The committee are therefore appealing to all farmers to assist in making this fund worthy of this great agricultural county.


Friday February 16th, 1979

HOSPITALS throughout Shropshire face a staffing crisis.  Salop Area Health Authority revealed this week that 50 nurses are leaving the profession each month.  Now a big campaign has been launched to get more staff.  Area health officials want to attract former nurses, such as housewives, back into the profession and to increase the number of volunteers for emergency work.  Now Salop AHA is carrying out a survey to try to find out why so many nurses are quitting the profession.  They expect to have results in six months’ time.  Low pay is known to be one of the most pressing problems, but efforts to persuade the government to treat nurses as a special case look doomed.


Thursday February 17th, 1994

SHREWSBURY’S hostels and centres for the homeless have been bracing themselves for an extra busy time in the big freeze-up.  But despite the lowest temperatures of the winter, Shrewsbury’s Cold Comfort scheme for the homeless has been coping.  Organiser Val Beardall said, “Since we opened in the middle of December numbers have been fairly steady, averaging about 10 a night. We take up to 15, and sometimes we are full up – but in this current cold snap we’ve certainly not been inundated.” Cold Comfort operates from Claremont Baptist Church, Claremont Street, providing a hot meal, bed and breakfast. But night time hostels provide only partial relief for the town’s homeless, points out Sandy Grieve, spokesman for Shrewsbury Homes for All.


Thursday February 19th, 2009

MOBILE phone giant Vodafone wants to put up a third telecommunications mast in the town – but councillors have said they will fight it all the way.  Vodafone is carrying out consultation with stakeholders and the community in Monkmoor for a phone mast and base at the junction of Monkmoor Road and Clive Road by the police station.  The company has already applied to put up phone masts at two other sites in the town which has caused angry protests.  Roy Sambrook, councillor for the Monkmoor ward, said, “Vodafone did contact me three years ago with similar proposals and I objected to it. I consulted with residents and nobody wanted it, and I doubt those views will have changed.”