Memory Corner September 5th 2019

Friday September 5th, 1794

Ludlow Races

AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT happened at Ludlow the last race-day.  A son of Mr Lewis Cooper, a fine youth of about ten years of age, being on horseback, the animal accidentally took fright, threw him and fractured his skull in a most shocking manner.  He was trepanned [making a circular hole in the skull] in three places by Mr Williams, and there are now very great hopes he will recover.


Friday September 3rd, 1819

DIED – Wednesday, at his house at Heathfield, near Birmingham, James Watt Esq.  Mr Watt may justly be placed at the very head of those philosophers who have improved the condition of mankind by the application of science to the practical purposes of life.  His steam engine is probably the most perfect production of physical and mechanical skill which the world has yet seen.


Friday September 3rd, 1869

FOR TRAVELLING AND SEASIDE WEAR – THE TARTAN PLAID COATS AND WRAPS, in the principal clans, are now ready for inspection, in addition to the NEW SHADES IN TWEEDS, all specially waterproofed.  T HALL, The Square, Shrewsbury, August 1869.

TOM KING, for some years a prize-fighter and a companion of Tom Sayers, has, according to the Court Journal, been converted and taken to preaching.


Friday September 5th, 1919

THE OPENING OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON – “They’re off!” – the great moment for which we have all waited so long arrived at half-past three last Saturday afternoon, and a couple of hours later we were eagerly scanning the papers to see how favourites had “got on”.  Nowhere is there any sign of the boycott against the shilling gate in England, for the attendances everywhere were jolly good…

THE MINISTRY OF FOOD announces that the Stone Fruit (Jam Manufacturers’ Prices) Order, 1919, has checked speculative purchases of stone fruit crops.  The order is therefore revoked.  No change will be made in the maximum prices authorised for jam manufactured from stone fruits.


Friday September 7th, 1979

Column in the 1830s

TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD Kevin Hill, a physical training instructor at Shrewsbury’s Copthorne Barracks, is the new record holder for running up the highest Doric column in the world.  For Kevin, representing the Old Slipper pub, Barker Street, Shrewsbury, succeeded in running up the Lord Hill Column’s 172 steps on Sunday in just 25 seconds to create a new world record.  The fastest lady to reach the top of the Column was Wendy Scragg, representing the White Horse, who completed the course in 43 seconds.  The sponsored event raised over £500 for the Cobalt Unit appeal fund.


Thursday September 8th, 1994

THERE ARE far too many empty shops in Shrewsbury town centre and urgent action is needed to staunch the flow of trade, warns the new chairman of the town’s Civic Society, Hano Johannsen. He writes, “Parking problems, out of town shopping, high rents and council taxes have all played a role in changing the face of the town.  I recently counted 40 empty shops in the centre of the town, including seven in Pride Hill.  Only a few years ago it was almost impossible to acquire premises there.”


Thursday September 10th, 2009

RESIDENTS have been urged to have their say on plans for the £30 million redevelopment of the town’s 18th century Flax Mill at a special information event this weekend.  The call has been made by Shropshire councillor Alan Mosley, who said the development was ‘vital’ for the future economic development of the community and Shrewsbury.  The site at Spring Gardens will be open to residents on Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th as part of a county-wide Heritage Weekend.