Shropshire Christianity

There is plenty written about the architecture of the churches of Shropshire. The history of many of the individual churches has also been documented. What is much more difficult to find out, however, is the story of the people who worshipped in those churches. Who were they, what did they believe, and what was their experience of God? These short articles attempt to remedy a few of these deficiencies, especially in relation to those in the nonconformist churches. I hope they will provide a slightly different window onto what Christians thought and did in the past.

Unconventional Church Growth
Early Methodists
Shrewsbury Good Samaritans
The Importance of Prayer
Filled with the Spirit in 1908
Revival in Dawley






An Early Nonconformist
Effective Prayer
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee
A Famous Puritan
Promoting the Reformation
‘The Great Ejection’ in Shrewsbury
Primitive Methodists in Shrewsbury