Memory Corner January 10th 2019

Friday January 10th, 1794

Millington's Hospital
Millington’s Hospital

TO BE SOLD at Millington’s Hospital on Wednesday 15th, a large range of forcing-houses and hotbed frames.  Also, a great collection of fine healthy fruiting and succession pine[apple] plants of various sorts, vines of the most approved kinds, trained peach and nectarine trees… Also trained cherry, pear and plum trees of most excellent sorts; stove and greenhouse plants, garden pots of different sizes, rose trees, lilacs etc in pots.  Also, some garden tools of every sort, etc, etc.


Friday January 8th, 1819

ON WEDNESDAY, at a highly respectable meeting in this town, it was resolved to establish a Dispensary for the cure of diseases of the ear and eye; and it will be seen by the resolutions that the benefit of this institution will not be confined to the poor of this county.  Patients coming from a distance whose cases require them remaining in Shrewsbury, and are not able to pay for their lodging, will be assisted in procuring the same, on producing a letter from some respectable person, or from the overseers of their parish, undertaking to defray the expenses of their board and lodging during their stay.


Friday January 8th, 1869

IN LONDON £7,000,000 is spent annually for the relief of the poor.

THE AMERICAN House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing women in government employ the same pay as men.

A PLETHORA OF EELS – it is stated that during the late floods upwards of twenty tons of eels were taken at the floodgates and weirs on the Avon between Stratford and Tewkesbury. This immense haul, at the rate at which eels are usually retailed, would represent something like a money value of £1,500.

MUCH ALARM has been created in Cragg Valley, near Halifax, during the last few days, owing to the large number of dogs with rabies prowling about.


Friday January 10th, 1919

A REPORT issued this week states that the convictions for drunkenness in England and Wales in 1917 were 46,909, compared with 84,191 in 1916, a decrease of 44.88 percent.  The total is the lowest recorded, and is 75.43 percent below the total for 1913.

THE INFLUENZA SCOURGE gives additional importance to nasal hygiene.  Keep your nostrils and throat germ-proof with “NOSTROLINE” Nasal Specific and you cannot catch influenza, nasal catarrh or head colds. At leading chemists everywhere, 1s 3d.


Friday January 12th, 1979

AMID ALL THE GLOOM of strikes, petrol shortage and arctic conditions, it was left to Shrewsbury Town to lift us out of our misery and spread some weekend cheer.  The Town’s win 3-1 against Cambridge United on Saturday in the third round of the FA Cup not only brought joy to their supporters but also pride to thousands of Salopians.  The match, one of only four played in Saturday’s third round [due to the weather], was screened on BBC’s Match of the Day, and player-manager Graham Turner’s pertinent after-match comments must have caused some red faces at the BBC, who ignored Shrewsbury in their Football Focus programme earlier in the day.  Now Shrewsbury look likely to have a glamour game in the fourth round, so one hopes that the Beeb take Turner’s point and do not ignore the smaller clubs.


Thursday January 13th, 1994

Sabrina statue

SABRINA – Shrewsbury’s goddess of the River Severn – has lost her head.  Vandals have decapitated the famous white granite statue, which reclines in the Dingle Gardens in the Quarry.  It was given to the town in 1879 by the Earl of Bradford.  Borough Council building surveyor, Mr Pat Middleton, said, “It was a mindless act of vandalism, and those responsible ought to be birched.” He said the damage will cost £2,000 to repair and will be borne by taxpayers unless a benefactor comes forward. “It would be a tragedy if we have to leave Sabrina headless for the next Shrewsbury Flower Show because of lack of cash,” he added.  A nearby statue of Hercules has also been attacked by hooligans, who have cut off his private parts and knocked holes in his body.


Thursday January 15th, 2009

A LONG-AWAITED planning application for the £60 million Battlefield Incinerator will be submitted in the next couple of days with the promise of 21 jobs for the area.  The ‘state-of-the-art’ energy from waste facility will be built for Veolia Environmental Services next to Battlefield Household Recycling Centre on Vanguard Way, subject to planning permission. The chimney will be 65 metres tall and waste will be burned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The facility will also generate up to 8 megawatts of electricity – enough to power around 10,000 homes – from 90,000 tonnes of residential municipal waste produced per year.  County Councillors are already committed to supporting the project, but the plans have been met with anger by residents who have claimed the site will give off harmful emissions, and the Safe Waste in Shropshire campaign was set up in 2007 to fight the project and promote alternatives.