Memory Corner May 9th 2019

Friday May 9th, 1794

AT BISHOPS CASTLE FAIR on Friday last there was a large show of fine cattle, which were nearly all sold for great prices, particularly cows and calves.  The fine fall of rain on Thursday gave great spirits to the buyers.

THERE WERE great rejoicings at Welshpool on Saturday last on receiving the news of the defeat of the French by the combined armies.  A sheep was roasted whole at the Oak Inn, and plenty of ale given to the populace.


Friday May 7th, 1819

HOUSE OF COMMONS – Mr Lyttleton moved a resolution condemning in strong terms the State Lottery, as injurious to the morals and industry of the country.  With the exception of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Castlereagh, and Mr Canning, who spoke in its defence, nothing but loud condemnation was heard.  The motion was lost by 84 to 133.

A DISSECTING ROOM has been opened in the neighbourhood of St Thomas’ and Guys Hospitals, London, and will be continued open during the whole year.  Rooms for private dissection may be had.


Friday May 7th, 1869

Quarry walk 1860

THE QUARRY – thanks to the firmness and decision of the Town Council, at its special meeting on Monday last, the advocates of the Quarry destruction scheme were prevented doing the mischief proposed by them, and the lovers of our beautiful park may, for a time at least, breathe freely again.  From the first we have conscientiously offered the childish and tinkering innovations – from their certain tendency to injure the Quarry, and destroy all its natural beauties, by cutting up the greensward into walks and drives, and studding it with bowers and alcoves which would assuredly have become the resort of the idle and dissolute – a strenuous opposition.


Friday May 9th, 1919

SOON AFTER three o’clock on Wednesday afternoon the Terms of Peace were presented to the Germans at Versailles.  The sitting lasted nearly an hour, and most of it was taken up by a speech by the chief German delegate, who denied that Germany was alone responsible for the war. M Clemenceau [President of France], who spoke with characteristic brevity and energy, declared that the time had come “when we must settle our accounts”, and informed the Germans that they would be given 15 days to reply to the Allied offer, and that no discussion would be permitted.


Friday May 11th, 1979

SHREWSBURY’S MP since 1945, Sir John Holt chalked up his 11thGeneral Election victory last week with an increased majority.  Sir John’s victory means that he will now become the second longest serving Tory member of the House of Commons.  When he was first elected, he was the youngest ever MP for Shrewsbury. In one of the highest poll turnouts ever – just over 75 per cent – Sir John saw his majority rise well in excess of its previous record set in 1974.  Sir John’s 23,548 votes gave him a majority of 10,184 over Liberal candidate Alan Laurie (13,364).  Labour once again took third place, with John Bishton polling 11,558.


Thursday May 12th, 1994

Peter Nutting

A LEADING Shrewsbury Conservative, Peter Nutting, is taking at least three months to consider his political future after losing heavily in the borough council elections. Mr Nutting, a member of the council for 12 years and chairman of its policy and resources committee, lost his Copthorne ward seat to Liberal Democrat Michael Hadley.  Liberal Democrats enjoyed huge success, gaining six seats, three each from Labour and the Tories.  The Conservatives lost one to Labour, but gained one, and remain the largest group.  Mr Nutting told the Chronicle that people had voted with national issues in mind rather than local.


Thursday May 14th, 2009

IT WAS AN ENCOUNTER of the furry kind at a special fundraiser when villagers clubbed together to raise money for their community hall.  Dorrington Young Farmers held a ferret racing night for all the family, and more than £200 was raised to go towards the hall’s maintenance funds.  A total of four ferrets raced in each heat, scurrying along 10 feet pipes to the finish line.  Ben Dixon, chairman of the Dorrington Young Farmers, said the event had been a great success, despite the ferrets’ shy nature.  “Some of the ferrets were a little bit shy and didn’t want to come out of the end of the pipe,” he said.  “The ferrets are fairly friendly, and the little kids enjoyed stroking them.  It was a nice evening for the family, and it was good to get together with a few burgers and beers.”

SHREWSBURY TOWN FANS have been given the chance to test their knowledge of the club’s history in a new quiz book.  The official Shrewsbury Town Quiz Book features 800 questions about the club and its 123-year history and was launched recently at Waterstones in High Street. Club legend Mickey Brown signed copies of the book alongside author Chris Cowlin.