Memory Corner July 27th 2017

Friday July 27th, 1792

THE WAR IN FRANCE has obviously changed its seat.  Like certain external disorders, improperly treated, it has now become internal, and may be fatal, unless, to carry on the medical allusion, it can be again driven outwards.  The contending parties are the Jacobites and the mob, against the army and the constitution.  The democrats in this country have lately lowered their tone.  Some of them are actuated by fear.  The more moderate part confined themselves, or pretended to do so, to a reform in Parliament.


Friday July 25th, 1817

A SPECIES of counterfeit guineas are in circulation, and very likely to pass unsuspected, at a time like the present, when so much reliance is placed on the weight of gold.  They are rather thicker than common, the head is more raised, and the weight is fully equal to the standard.  But being composed of spurious gold their real value is not more than fifteen shillings, whilst even the light mint guineas are worth twenty shillings and two pence.


Friday July 26th, 1867

Underdale Ferry c.1900

WE CALLED ATTENTION some time ago to the dangerous practice of allowing a young woman to ferry the boat at the Upper Boathouse in the Quarry; and as several alarming, though fortunately not fatal, accidents had occurred there, we should have deemed that a more fitting person would have been substituted, the more especially as public opinion appeared to run high on the subject.  But public opinion is often very little regarded when private interest is to be served; and the difference in cost between employing a man to manage the boat and a girl to do the duty will no doubt account for the girl being continued at the work.


Friday July 27th, 1917

DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD can now be most certainly cured by the newly-discovered “French Orlene”.  This new remedy goes right to the actual seat of the trouble, and effects a complete and lasting cure in a few days.  One box is ample to cure any ordinary case, and has given almost immediate relief in hundreds of cases which had been considered “hopeless”.


Friday July 29th, 1977

SHREWSBURY’S ROYAL SALOP INFIRMARY is to be closed – but campaigners intend to keep on fighting to keep it open.  The decision to close the town centre hospital and move its functions lock, stock and barrel to the new multi-million pound showpiece Copthorne Hospital as soon as possible, was taken by Salop Area Health Authority last week.  This means that Cross Houses Hospital will be retained as the local geriatric hospital in place of the Royal Salop Infirmary, until its functions too can be taken over by the new Copthorne complex.


Friday July 30th, 1992

SHREWSBURY AND ATCHAM has won the first round of the Britain in Bloom competition in its bid to regain the coveted title.  The town of flowers now goes forward to the national finals with Hartlebury and Birmingham in the village and inner city categories.  The town last won the national title in 1986.  Shrewsbury beat city class contenders Worcester, Redditch, Nuneaton and Bedworth, and Newcastle-under-Lyme in the 70,000 to 150,000 population category to win regionally.


Thursday July 26th, 2007

BOROUGH COUNCIL CHIEFS have vowed to fight on, despite the green light being given to a unitary authority for Shropshire.  An announcement made in the House of Commons yesterday confirmed plans to scrap the County’s five district councils – including Shrewsbury and Atcham – within the next two years, despite widespread opposition to the scheme.  It is not yet known what effect the decision will have on planned capital schemes in the borough, including the Northern Corridor Regeneration Framework, the new theatre and the Music Hall refurbishment.  Borough council officers are now pinning their hopes on the outcome of a judicial review at the High Court in London on September 12th and 13th in a bid to save the authority from extinction.