Memory Corner July 20th 2017

Friday July 20th 1792

ST CHAD’S NEW CHURCH – The trustees appointed for rebuilding the Parish Church of St Chad give notice that the pews in the said church will be let by public auction upon Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th of August next at 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, in whole pews, for a term to expire at Easter 1795, subject to such conditions as shall then be produced.  William Simes, Clerk to the Trustees


Friday July 18th, 1817

EIGHTEEN prisoners were last week conveyed from our county gaol for transportation.  There were 41 committed for trial at the next assizes.

THE CALLING OUT of the Militia, for the purpose of being trained and exercised, is suspended by an order in Tuesday night’s Gazette. 


Friday July 19th, 1867

Victorian excavations at Wroxeter

THE WROXETER EXCAVATIONS – We are pleased to inform our readers, on the authority of Dr Henry Johnson of this town, that in consequence of the liberality of Joseph Mayer Esq of Liverpool, who has generously sent £50 for the purpose, that the excavations at Wroxeter will be immediately recommenced.


Friday July 20th, 1917

A SHREWSBURY FARMER’S GRIEVANCE – Captain Sir Beville Stanier asked the Under-Secretary for War whether his attention had been drawn to the case of Mr John Anwyl, of Preston Hall Farm, near Shrewsbury, who bought a horse at an open sale on March 15th for £111 6s, which was commandeered [for the Army] on May 12th for £80, and when Mr Anwyl got his case before the War Office he was unable to get any help towards the loss of £31.


Friday July 22nd, 1977

DINGLE DESTROYED AS SHOW NEARS – Shrewsbury Council gardeners are working round the clock to repair a devastating attack by vandals on the famous Dingle showpiece in The Quarry.  The trail of havoc left by the vandals was discovered when a patrolman went to open the Dingle gates early on Sunday morning.  Hundreds of bedding plants had been uprooted and thrown onto the paths.  Seats around the Dingle had been overturned, and the ornamental fountain and goldfish pond had been filled with the uprooted plants and soil.  The damage is estimated at more than £1,000.


Thursday July 23rd, 1992

The building of the Shrewsbury bypass

SHROPSHIRE’S BIGGEST EVER ROAD SCHEME, the ‘M54 extension’ and new Shrewsbury bypasses, is expected to open on August 11th.  Traffic will be flowing along the 19 miles of new road just a couple of hours after the opening ceremony, said a Department of Transport spokeswoman.  She confirmed that both contractors for the scheme said their work would be completed in time.  [The road] was first mooted more than 20 years ago, and the scheme as it now stands was finalised in 1984.  Further objections resulted in a High Court action, which meant actual work only started in summer 1990.


Thursday July 19th, 2007

AN EXTRA £650,000 could be ploughed into elderly care as pressure mounts on hospitals including the Royal Shrewsbury.  In the last six months the trust which runs the town hospital at Copthorne and the Princess Royal in Telford, says they have reached full capacity double the number of times expected in a year.  County Councillor Peter Phillips says the problem of bed-blocking by elderly patients awaiting help from social services is reaching crisis point.  A report on ‘delayed discharges’ to Shropshire County Primary Care Trust in June said the acute hospitals had already declared a ‘Level 4 escalation’ six times this year.  This means the beds are at full occupancy levels and, if immediate action is not taken, a major incident will happen, whereby no more patients can be admitted.