Memory Corner July 6th 2017

Friday July 6th, 1792

Ebenezer Sibly. Stipple engraving by J. Pass, 1807, after Dodd.
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

REANIMATION of suspended life – For this benevolent purpose, Dr Sibly’s reanimating solar tincture supersedes every art and invention.  In all circumstances of suicide, or sudden death, whether by blows, fits, falls, suffocation, strangulation, drowning, apoplexy, thunder and lightning, assassination, duelling etc., immediate recourse should be had to this medicine… If two or three tablespoonsful be introduced as early as possible into the stomach, and rubbed profusely in by a warm hand upon the spine of the back, loins, breast and region of the heart, and poured into the wound, if there be any, the warm stimulating quality of the medicine, assisted by the external heat and friction, will rouse the stagnant blood and juices…



Friday July 4th, 1817

AT our fair on Wednesday and Thursday, fat cattle and sheep of which there was a very large supply, averaged 5½d per pound; many, however, were left unsold… Higher prices were asked at the early part of the fair, but a want of buyers and scarcity of money operated much to its disadvantage, so that it scarcely realised last year’s prices.

SIR Charles Mordaunt, Bart, one of the county members for Warwickshire, has most liberally supplied the poor of his neighbourhood with 1000 bushels of potatoes at the low price of 2s a bushel; and 100 bags of good wheat on advantageous terms.


Friday July 5th, 1867

MALICIOUSLY breaking a hedge – Mary Davies, a married woman with a child in her arms, was charged at the County Police Court with the above offence… PC Bradshaw stated that on 18th June at about half past nine in the evening he saw the defendant come out of her house, look up and down the lane, and then break out a bundle of wood which she proceeded to tie up in the lane.  It was dead wood, but after it was removed the fence was left so that an animal could get through.  Fine 4s, damage 1s and costs 7s.


Friday July 6th, 1917

EARTH instead of soda – There is something to be saved even of the very meagre sum some of us spend on soda and other preparations for cleaning burnt saucepans and assisting in the performance of sundry other delicate tasks!  Earth is cheaper than any of the usual cleansing agents and just as efficacious.  If you have a garden, use a little of the earth from it next time you have a burnt saucepan.  Use the earth just as you would any other cleansing agent.  Only a little is necessary.


Friday July 8th, 1977

SEVERN footbridge given government go-ahead – At last the sighing is over for Shrewsbury’s Frankwell footbridge.  The £350,000 project has been on the cards for years – and there were doubts that it would ever be built.  But earlier this week Parliament gave the short-cut bridge its blessing.  All that is now needed is the formality of the Royal Assent – and this is expected in a matter of weeks.  When the bridge – which will link Frankwell car park with the Riverside shopping centre – was first suggested five years ago the cost was estimated at a mere £45,000.  Last year the estimated cost had soared to £322,000.  Engineers believe that by the time building starts next year it will have increased to £360,000.


Thursday July 9th 1992

NEW STADIUM – The long-awaited plans for Shrewsbury Town Football Club to move from Gay Meadow to Preston Boats east of the River Severn were revealed last Friday.  The multi-million package is intended to achieve the triple advantages of a purpose-built 11,250 capacity stadium, community sports provision nearby and substantial car parking on Gay Meadow.  The package also included new housing on the perimeter of Gay Meadow and a separate development at Weir Hill off Preston Street.  All the land is owned by Mr Rob Burton.  Faced with substantial capital costs to bring the Meadow up to the Taylor Report safety standards, the club believe the £4 million needed would be better spent as part of a new stadium.


Thursday July 5th, 2007

RELIEF ROAD – A campaign group is calling on the council to stop and think before making any decisions about Shrewsbury’s traffic problems.  Shropshire County Council’s economy and environmental scrutiny panel will meet to discuss the progress report on the proposed North-West relief road… The No Way group has been campaigning against the proposed relief road on environmental grounds, but it also believes the scheme is totally out of proportion to the perceived congestion in the town centre. Members are angry that the council is preparing to make a decision after a planned public consultation exercise was postponed.  They believe that the consultation would have shown significant opposition to both congestion charging and the North-West relief road.