Memory Corner, September 21st, 2017

Friday September 21st 1792

A NEW MODE of stealing watches was, we understand, practised at our races, viz. by flipping a hat-string with a running noose over the seal or key of the watch chain, by means of which, with a sudden jerk the fob is cleared, almost imperceptibly.  One person really lost his watch by this manoeuvre, and another narrowly saved his by catching it in his hand, with the string fast to the chain as above described.

A CAUTION – Those persons who are kind enough to lend their umbrellas to their friends when overtaken by a shower, should have their umbrellas marked with their names on the handles.  We are informed that many are lost for want of this precaution.   A green silk umbrella was lately lent from this office, and is forgot to be sent home.


Friday September 19th, 1817

John Straphen

THE HOUSE of Mr Straphen, builder, in St Julian’s Friars was broken into on Wednesday night.  Fortunately, Mr S was awakened by the noise, and the villains being alarmed ran off without their intended booty.

TUESDAY EVENING about eight o’clock, Edward Edwards, housekeeper at the Lion Inn, was stopped on his return from Mr Underhill’s of Eaton, near the town, between the Armoury and the Weeping Cross turnpike, by 5 men who pulled him off his horse and, demanding his money, threatened his life if he resisted.  On his giving up 26s to them they let him go without personal injury.


Friday September 20th, 1867

Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1866

THE PARIS CORRESPONDENT of the Globe says that “from accounts which have reached that city from Italy and Geneva, it appears that Garibaldi really intends making very shortly an attack on Rome, be the consequences what they may.  The news has excited great uneasiness in the financial world, because, if the Italian Government opposes him, it will, the belief is, excite a storm of popular indignation which will endanger its safety.  And if it does not prevent him the French Government, it is thought, will be under the necessity of intervening.  A rumour is current in France that the Italian Government has determined to take severe legal measures against General Garibaldi if he continues his course of action.”


Friday September 21st, 1917

MR LEONARD EUSTACE SALT, whose death took place last week, will best be remembered as the brilliant centre-forward of Shrewsbury School and Shrewsbury Town.  He was the pivot of the team which beat Rossall School by the record score of 15-0.  Salt scored four goals and shared the honours of the victory with two other day boys – F Cooper (inside-left) and HE Bowdler (outside-left) each of whom had a similar score to their credit.  Previous to this memorable match, Rossall had played Shrewsbury School for four seasons, but they have never arranged a match since.  Leonard Salt’s brother, RN Salt, also an Old Salopian, is remembered as one of the finest backs Shropshire has ever produced.  When he was associated with J Jones, Shrewsbury Town had an incomparable pair, and their marvellous footwork and perfect combination was worth going many miles to see.


Friday September 23rd, 1977

SKATEBOARDING, the American craze which is sweeping Britain, has caught on in a big way in Shrewsbury.  Already hundreds of local youngsters have signed forms saying that they would like to join the newly formed Shrewsbury Skateboard Club and now the club’s pilot committee is looking for possible sites on which to build a special skateboard bowl.   Youngsters were banned for a short time from using the town’s Quarry for their acrobatic activities.  However, after a petition signed by more than 1,000 youngsters the borough council relented and agreed that the skateboarders could use the Quarry’s central avenue.

SHREWSBURY WOMEN’S CRICKET CLUB won the Cholmondeley Knock-out Trophy at Cholmondeley Castle on Sunday.  The competition, open to ladies teams in Shropshire and Cheshire, was played over two weeks, the preliminary rounds being last Sunday.


Thursday September 23th, 1992

THE ROYAL SHREWSBURY HOSPITAL is hoping to enlist staff support for its new bid to gain trust status in 1994.  A letter has gone to all acute and maternity unit staff. Hospital general manager Mr David Clegg has told them the management board wants the trust established from April 1st 1994.  Further explanation of the meaning of a trust would be given to staff in the coming weeks, said Mr Clegg.  He describes 1994 as an exciting year for the unit, which now has a green light to begin rationalisation of the south on to the north site during that year.  Originally the unit wanted to achieve trust status by April 1993.  The application was put off because of uncertainty about the Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.  Late last year the Shrewsbury Campaign Against Trust Status (CATS) group was set up to oppose applications by the RSH and mental health units.


Thursday September 20th, 2007

CRICKET – Shrewsbury’s Birmingham League first division promotion hopes were dashed on a frustrating final day of the season – but there was some consolation 24 hours later when the London Roaders beat old rivals Wellington to lift the Salop Leisure KO.  Shrewsbury knew they just had to win at Sutton Coldfield in their last division one outing of the season, and hope, at the same time, that second-placed Wolverhampton, who started the day 16 points above them, would come unstuck at Bromsgrove.  But only one half of the equation came through as, while Wolverhampton slumped to a shock defeat, Shrewsbury were unable to take advantage by grabbing runners-up spot and the promotion to the top flight it would have brought, as they lost by four wickets at Sutton.