Memory Corner January 3rd 2019

Friday January 3rd, 1794 (price 4d)

PREGNANT LADIES whose situation requires a temporary retirement, may be accommodated with apartments to lie in, agreeable to their circumstances, and depend on being treated with honour, attention and secrecy; their infants put out to nurse, and humanely taken care of, by applying to Mr White, surgeon and man-midwife, or Mrs White, midwife, London-house-yard no 2, the north side of St Paul’s Churchyard.


Friday January 1st, 1819 (price 7d)

THE WANT of a commodious butter and poultry market in this town, and the exposed and comfortless situation of persons who attend with those articles (the buyers and sellers being chiefly females) have long excited regret.  It is with pleasure, therefore, that we announce that John Cressett Pelham Esq. has, at his own expense, most liberally caused the erection of two temporary coverings, each extending over a space 36 feet by 15 feet, for the accommodation of this town and county.

20,000 TURKEYS have been brought to the capital within the course of last week, and about an equal number of barrels of oysters have been despatched into the country.


Friday January 1st, 1869 (price 2d)

WITH THE FIRST ISSUE of the Chronicle for the new year at the reduced price, it may not be out of place to give our reasons for making this important alteration, which was brought about by our desire to enlarge still further the area of its usefulness throughout the extensive districts in which it circulates.  During the past twelve months the issue of the Chronicle had exceeded by upwards of 20,000 copies that of any previous year; and that circumstance alone decided the question as to whether we should continue at the old price or give the public the benefit of a reduction…


Friday January 3rd, 1919 (price 1d)

THE SWEEPING VICTORY gained by the Coalition at the polls has surpassed the most sanguine anticipations of its supporters.  The country has confirmed Mr Lloyd George in power with a majority of 243 over all the non-Coalition parties.  Every minister who had to face a contest was returned without exception, almost invariably by a sweeping majority.  The Liberal opposition was swept out of sight.  Labour polled strongly and has strengthened its parliamentary representation. Mr Henderson and the leaders of the pacifist section were decisively rejected.  The women candidates were all beaten, except Mme Markievicz (Dublin St Patrick’s).  Three recognised party leaders – Mr Asquith, Mr Henderson and Mr Dillon – all went down before this extraordinary avalanche.


Friday January 5th, 1979 (price 8p)

IN ORDER TO EXPAND and make more attractive the poultry section of Shropshire’s Working Farm Museum at Acton Scott, the County Museum Service urgently required two old-style hen houses.  But the type of houses needed could simply not be found.  Now the nearby “Chukie” poultry firm has made a cash gift to the museum which will enable to launch of a self-building scheme.  A spokesman for the company said this week, “The museum is a credit to the county and we were delighted to help out.  In the past, the museum helped our veterinary laboratory by supplying embryonated Light Sussex hen eggs needed for a research project. We felt that this would be a nice way to thank them, and, at the same time, to give pleasure to the thousands of visitors who tour the museum every year.”


Thursday January 6th, 1994 (price 22p)

A SHREWSBURY PUB LANDLADY is recovering in hospital after being struck by a car when she went to the aid of a tramp who had collapsed in the road.  Mrs Caroline Wood, 35, of the London Apprentice, Coton Hill, and Gary Elms, 34, of Kingswood Road, Belle Vue, were helping the tramp when they were hit by the car on Coton Hill.  Barmaid Julie Harley raised the alarm when she saw all three thrown up in the air in the collision last Friday night.  Caroline’s husband Glynn, and his pub customers, who were all dressed up to enjoy a fancy-dress party to celebrate the New Year, rushed to the scene and directed traffic as the injured were taken to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.  Mrs Wood has been detained with a broken leg and yesterday was said to be “quite comfortable”.  Mr Elms suffered a fractured arm and was released on Monday. The tramp, who has not been named, was unhurt.


Thursday January 8th, 2009 (price 50p)

DEFIANT town-centre traders have enjoyed a Christmas to remember – with some stores returning record sales figures despite the current economic crisis.  A host of stores within the river loop saw profits rise over the festive period.  Staff at Halon Menswear in High Street celebrated their best Christmas since the store opened in 1951, while the number of visitors to the Darwin and Pride Hill Shopping Centres rose by up to seven percent.  It bucks a national trend which has seen major chain stores such as Woolworths and Adams closing down due to the credit crunch.  Shoppers visited the town from as far afield as Sussex, as well as Wales, Cheshire and Staffordshire.