Memory Corner September 19th 2019

Friday September 19th, 1794

A LETTER FROM PHILADELPHIA says that the emigration of artificers and mechanics from Europe to that country has [resulted in it being] so over-stocked with hands that no employ can be found for them, and that great numbers of them were obliged to work on the public roads for a bare subsistence until they can procure a passage back to Europe.


Friday September 24th, 1819 [September 17th missing]

Shrewsbury Racecourse

PORK SAUSAGE SEASON COMMENCED – E HULME, SAUSAGE MAKER, humbly offers her annual thanks to the nobility, gentry and public of Salop and surrounding counties for all past favours, and begs to intimate she has begun to make her inestimable PORK SAUSAGES, the superiority of which is known and acknowledged for hundreds of miles around.  High Street, Shrewsbury, Sept 20th, 1819.

THE FINENESS OF THE WEATHER, and the harvest being finished, have occasioned a very numerous attendance at our races.  Nearly 100 carriages of various descriptions thronged the course on Wednesday and yesterday.


Friday September 17th, 1869

THE YORKSHIRE PAPERS give some interesting and affecting details of the funeral of the lovers killed by lightning at the village of Stanningley.  The deceased couple were Sunday-school teachers, of irreproachable character, and their tragic fate has produced a profound sensation.  The result was that many thousands of spectators were present, all the mills round were closed, and troops of girls passed to the grave side after the ceremony.  The hearses moved towards the churchyard side by side, and the coffins were deposited together.


Friday September 19th, 1919

FOOTBALL NOTES – Shrewsbury Town added to their laurels by vanquishing Worcester City at the Gay Meadow last Saturday.  It is the first time that the Salopians have won their first three Birmingham League matches in any season in the history of the club.  Considering the unsettled state of the weather, the attendance was highly satisfactory. The gate receipts amounted to £134, and this proves that Salopians are prepared to pay a good price for good football.


Friday September 21st, 1979

SHREWSBURY 3 CHELSEA 0 – Angry resident of Castlefields, Shrewsbury, are to call on police to have a re-think on their tactics of taking visiting football fans through the area.  About 1,500 Chelsea supporters attended Saturday’s game, and although 10 coaches laid on by Shrewsbury Town to take them from the railway station to the Gay Meadow ground were well used, other fans were ushered through Castlefields to the ground.  At the end of the game many fans ignored police advice to get on the coaches and ran amok through Castlefields and St Michael’s Street causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.


Thursday September 22nd, 1994

THE FURROWS SHROPSHIRE LEAGUE CRICKET SEASON ended last Saturday in the most dramatic fashion possible. Leaders and reigning champions Wroxeter entered their final fixture leading second placed Shrewsbury by just a point.  In the most enthralling finish, perhaps ever, to the first division season, both Wroxeter and Shrewsbury lost – with the champions trophy remaining at Uppington by the slenderest of margins.


Thursday September 24th, 2009

Jon Tandy

SHROPSHIRE Council is set to spend an extra £100,000 on the spiralling budget for the Quantum Leap sculpture to celebrate Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury.  It was originally thought the project would cost £350,000 but that has since risen considerably.  The Chronicle recently revealed it was incorrectly aligned and 18 inches off course.  A public protest was staged at the site on Tuesday.  Councillor Jon Tandy, who helped to organise the protest, said, “It has been a fiasco from start to finish.”