Memory Corner November 14th 2019

Friday November 14th, 1794

John Horne Tooke, 1736 – 1812

THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, embellished with a portrait, price 3d per sheet, the first six parts of the TRIALS for HIGH TREASON containing Thomas Hardy’s trial, to which is prefixed…all important occurrences preceding the trials, arranged as they happened.  The succeeding trials will be published daily, with every attention to accuracy and expedition, and are intended to be a full account of all the proceedings… Embellished with portraits of Hardy, Horne Tooke, Holcroft, Thelwall and others.


Friday November 12th, 1819

BRAWN – REBECCA RAWLINS respectfully returns thanks to the nobility, gentry and public in general for the very liberal patronage she has hitherto experienced, and for the preference invariably given to her BRAWN; and begs to inform them that it is now ready for delivery, and that orders shall be attended to with the greatest punctuality.  N.B. Boar’s heads, properly cured, and ornamented in a superior manner.

Pride Hill, 2nd November 1819


Friday November 12th, 1869

ON MONDAY a youth named Hindle in the employ of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, had his skull from the front to the back sawn completely through, so that an opening was made into the brain.  It is supposed that he had fallen asleep during breakfast time upon the machine and that his head had been on the circular saw when it was set in motion.  He survived the dressing of the wound.


Friday November 14th, 1919

MISS BILLSON has commenced an active campaign as the prospective Liberal candidate for Shrewsbury.

THE FIRST LADY to be elected a member of Hereford Town Council is Mrs Luard, who is so well known in Shropshire for her distinguished services in the organisation of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry Prisoners of War Fund.

MR G BUTLER-LLOYD MP was among members of all parties in the House of Commons who attended a meeting at the House of Thursday to consider the best steps to prosecute the campaign for an early issue of Premium Bonds.


Friday November 16th, 1979

Ansells brewery

THERE IS GOOD CHEER on the way for thousands of Shrewsbury pub customers this weekend.  For more than a week now many of the town’s pubs have been without draught beer because of an industrial dispute involving deliverymen from Ansell’s Burton-on-Trent brewery.  And it looked as though the weekend would see even more pubs running dry.  But yesterday the dispute was called off – and a brewery spokesman said that all pubs in the Shrewsbury area should have supplies delivered by tomorrow.  The news is not only good cheer for customers – it is also good cheer for licensees, many of whom have been losing hundreds of pounds a week during the dispute.


Thursday November 17th, 1994

TELFORD has been slammed as a characterless place “full of concrete sheds” after a huge bill poster went up in Shrewsbury proclaiming it as the number one shopping centre.  The poster has met with a furious response from Shrewsbury’s Mayor and traders, who have slammed it as “unethical and provocative”.  The cheeky ad on the hoardings in Smithfield Road features a gift-wrapped present with a label tied on boasting, “The Telford Centre – Number One for Shopping!”  It brags, “We’ve got it wrapped up!  3000 free parking spaces, over 120 super shops and stores all on one level.” But Mr Steve Pashley, chairman of Shrewsbury’s retail forum, said it was sad that the Telford traders felt they needed to resort to this.  He also refuted the claim that Telford was a better place to park and described the new town as being “full of concrete sheds”.


Thursday November 24th, 2009

RESIDENTS in Shrewsbury and Atcham need to be earning more than £51,000 a year if they want to buy their own home, according to shocking new statistics.  According to research carried out by the National Housing Federation (NHF), average house prices in the area are £199,535.  And that means that families living in Shrewsbury and Atcham would need to be earning £51,309 to get a mortgage to buy an average priced home.  But according to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings for 2008, average earnings are only £17,649.