Memory Corner March 5th 2020

Friday March 6th, 1795

THE SECOND BILL for manning the navy requires the owners and master of ships belonging to Great Britain to furnish the under-mentioned number of men from the following ports – London 5725, Liverpool 1711, Newcastle 1240, Bristol 666, Beaumaris 207, Chester 25, Gloucester 28, and from every other sea port in proportion.

HOUSE OF COMMONS – Mr Wilberforce rose to make his promised motion for the abolition of the slave trade… Votes for 61, against 87, majority against 17.


Friday March 10th, 1820

Arthur Thistlewood

THE NEWS of the week may be compressed into a nut-shell, which suits the space this week unoccupied with local matters – [Arthur] Thistlewood and the [Cato Street] conspirators are to be tried by a special commission immediately; the advices from Ireland are still of an alarming character; [and] the revolutionary movements in Spain assume every day a more alarming aspect.




Friday March 11th, 1870

AT THE BOROUGH POLICE COURT on Friday, Samuel Griffiths of Mason’s Passage was charged with permitting his house to be used as a brothel… a fine of £1 and 8s 6d costs was inflicted.  Rose Pearce of Mason’s Passage was charged with a similar offence… a fine of £3 and costs was inflicted. The defendant had been previously convicted.


Friday March 5th, 1920

DEMOBILISATION has been what Shakespeare calls “a word of fear” in the ears of many an earnest woman war worker.  It is not so much that they are reluctant to relinquish the emoluments attached to their devoted labour for their country, as they shrink from returning to a life of idleness and long to continue their daily life of toil and self-sacrifice to others.  To these we would point to our advertising columns, where they will find an invitation to join in another kind of warfare, the spiritual combat against poverty and sin, which the Church Army is still waging.  Free training and salaried posts are provided for successful candidates.


Friday March 7th, 1980

THE BIGGEST CROWD of the season is expected for tomorrow’s Gay Meadow clash between Shrewsbury Town and Birmingham [City]. Police believe that about 4,000 Birmingham supporters will be travelling to Shrewsbury to watch the game.  And home supporters, encouraged by the Town gaining full points from the last five games, are expected to swell the attendance to about 15,000.


Thursday March 9th, 1995

Cellphone (1995)

BUY NOW – MARCH MOBILE [PHONE] MADNESS! Lowcall tariff £12.77 per month. New phones from £19. Ex-demo phones free of charge.  Free connection. Free £15 worth of calls – Universal Copiers Ltd.

ANOTHER GREAT DISPLAY by Shrewsbury Hockey Club has taken them into the semi-finals of the Hockey Association Plate for the first time.




Thursday March 11th, 2010

A VILLAGE SOLDIER is gearing up to become one of the country’s leading bomb disposal experts after landing a top job with the army – at the age of 18.  Teenager Christopher Jones, of Westbury, joined the highly trained group of the Royal Logistic Corps as an ammunition technician after following in the footsteps of both friends and family.  And the former Mary Webb School student has already started his gruelling 14-week training period at a military base in Pirbright, Surrey.  “I’ve always wanted to join the army, but I also wanted to do something wacky enough to keep me fascinated,” Chris said.