Memory Corner January 30th 2020

Friday January 30th, 1795

MR JAMES JOHNSON, Practitioner in Physic for the cure of lunatics in Shrewsbury, has fitted up the HERMITAGE for the comfortable reception of lunatics.  Large gardens with airy walks adjoining thereto, which is very conducive to the health of patients.  Every attention paid to the unfortunates under his care.

SHAWBURY ANNUAL HUNT will be held on Friday 6th February.  A fox will be turned out near Shawbury at ten o’clock that morning.


Friday February 4th, 1820

LAST WEEK we had the painful task of communicating to our readers the death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent; another melancholy duty devolves on us this day, that of announcing the demise of our BELOVED AND VENERATED SOVEREIGN KING GEORGE THE THIRD, who departed this life on Saturday evening at Windsor Castle.

Yesterday at the Guildhall the ceremony of proclaiming his Majesty George IV took place.


Friday February 4th, 1870

Abbey Foregate with trees, copyright Shropshire Archives

ABBEY FOREGATE – a small sum was recently voted by the Improvement Committee to keep the two rows of trees which decorate and shade the footpaths from falling into decay.  But while the committee were of the opinion that they could legally keep the trees in order, they could not expend public monies increasing their number, and so extending the rows to the English Bridge.  To provide for this a subscription list was opened, but this has all been expended.  It is hoped that a further influx of subscriptions will enable the work to be completed.


Friday January 30th, 1920

Old Post Office, St Mary’s Street

ON WEDNESDAY EVENING there was a very heavy fall of snow in Shrewsbury which was followed by a strong gale.  Great alarm was caused at the General Post Office about 11 o’clock when the main telegraph and telephone standard [post] collapsed and crashed into St Mary’s Street, bringing down some hundred wires and a quantity of masonry. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries.


Friday February 1st, 1980

SHREWSBURY is a better shopping centre than Telford – and that’s official.  A report to be published next week says that Shrewsbury has a better choice of shops and specialist goods than the multi-million-pound new town could ever offer.  But there is a stern warning; it says that unless something is done to improve unhealthy conditions, such as fumes, noise and the danger of getting knocked down, shoppers who can travel will move on to places like Wolverhampton, Birmingham or Liverpool.


Thursday February 2nd, 1995

CHURCH STRETTON postman Ken Lewis has delivered mail to generations of residents in the town, clocking up 800 miles a year on foot.  Apart from National Service, non-driver Ken has devoted all his working life to the Post Office and has been presented with a specially made garden seat to mark his 50 years’ service.  “I’ve had a watch, clock, decanter and glasses over the years, but this lovely garden seat means I can put my feet up in style after work,” said 65-year-old Ken.


Thursday January 28th, 2010 [February 4th missing]

SHREWSBURY’S booming tourism industry is key to lifting the town from the nation’s longest and deepest recession, [according to] a raft of proposals unveiled by civic leaders.   Plans are under way to make the town a top destination for rail trippers from South Wales – the first step in a project using tourism to create jobs and boost the local economy.  It comes as welcome news when the gates at building firm Frank Galliers Ltd remained locked amid fears that the company had ceased trading.  On the same day official figures revealed that the UK had finally climbed out of the slump.