Memory Corner February 6th 2020

Friday February 6th, 1795

IN CONSEQUENCE of the great number of poor who have applied for the bread tickets in this town, the fund is nearly exhausted.  It will therefore be necessary for the inhabitants to make a second contribution, which, we have no doubt, will be readily done by all the friends to humanity, as the distresses of the poor are perhaps greater than has been known for many years past.


Friday February 11th, 1820

King George III

ANECDOTES OF THE LATE KING – on one of the late King’s excursions, during the hay harvest in the neighbourhood of Weymouth, he passed a field where only one woman was at work.  His Majesty asked her where the rest of her companions were.  “They have gone to see the King,” she replied.  “And why did you not go with them?” asked His Majesty.  “The fools,” replied the woman, “they will lose a day’s work, and that is more than I can afford, I have five children.” “Well then,” said His Majesty, putting some money in her hands, “you may tell your companions who are gone to see the King, that the King came to see you!”


Friday February 11th, 1870

MR SUMNER [Bishop of Winchester], in a recent speech invented the new word “ridiculosity”.

WILLIAM STRONG, recently sent to prison for shooting a pheasant five years ago at Tiverton, has been released by order of the Secretary of State.

THE TOTAL EMIGRATION for the past month was 3,584 passengers, which shows an increase of 239 over the corresponding month last year.


Friday February 6th, 1920

Old English Bridge from Coleham

ENGLISH BRIDGE DANGERS – Sir, the recent mishap of a motor lorry on the English Bridge should again draw public attention to the urgent necessity of improving this bridge, which is now nothing but a death-trap.  From the number of years that improving the bridge has been “under consideration”, it would appear that nothing will be done until there has been an appalling accident.  If the decision rests between the interests of antiquarians and the safety of human life, the public will know how to judge.  Yours etc, Raymond Carpmael.


Friday February 8th, 1980

SHROPSHIRE RATEPAYERS must expect to dig even deeper into their pockets next year as the county rate looks set for its biggest-ever rise.  Salop County Councillors will meet today to consider detailed figures, and if they agree them the average householder will have to pay out an extra £52, an increase of just under 27 per cent.


Thursday February 9th, 1995

RESIDENTS flocking to live in the centre of Shrewsbury are breathing new life into the town following years of stagnation, it has been claimed.  People are turning back to living in the heart of Shrewsbury after years of turning down homes in the town centre in favour of ‘satellite’ villages.  It is estimated that 900 people now live in the town centre, and new demand for homes has meant that run-down buildings and office blocks are now being restored and converted back to residential properties according to the Town Centre Residents’ Association.


Thursday February 11th, 2010

DOES SHREWSBURY have some of the most romantic residents in the country? That’s the belief of local traders who claim love is in the air during Valentine’s week.  Special ‘love pens’ and champagne ‘seduction kits’ are all helping to reinforce Shrewsbury’s image as a town of romantics.  Write Here! in the High Street is stocking an exclusive £425 fountain pen, which is inscribed with words from classic love sonnets by Shakespeare.  John Hall, the shop’s owner, said, “Only 50 of the pens have been distributed worldwide and we had two of them. One has already been sold, so romance must be still very much alive in Shrewsbury!”