Memory Corner February 20th 2020

Friday February 20th, 1795

FURTHER ACCOUNTS of the damage done by the late flood – the bridges down the River Severn have mostly been damaged – that at Stourport has given way and Bewdley Bridge has been much damaged, [but] the Iron Bridge ‘brav’d the storm, firm as a rock’. The Abbey Church is so much damaged that the graves inside the Church are sunk in so much that the gravestones are all thrown out of their places…


Friday February 25th, 1820

HOOPING COUGH [sic] – cured without inward medicine. In consequence of the beneficial effects of ROCHE’S EMBROCATION many thousands of children are cured annually by this remedy. On the first attack an immediate application of the EMBROCATION will prevent the complaint making any hold of the constitution, and a few times will completely cure… Price 4s and £1 2s per bottle.


Friday February 25th, 1870

TWO BOYS named Limforth, aged eleven and thirteen, appeared at Liverpool Police Court on Monday charged with begging, and it appeared that the younger of them was in the habit of delivering “lectures” on phrenology.  From this he obtained from 1s to 3s a day.  The lad gave a brief specimen of his oratorical capabilities in court, and the magistrate seemed to have had his heart softened thereby and dismissed the boys with a caution.


Friday February 20th, 1920

GRAVE VISITATION ON THE BATTLEFIELDS – This work has been greatly simplified by the War Graves Commission and those who propose to make a visit to France or Flanders for this purpose should get in touch with Frame’s Tourist Agency, 92, Southampton Row, London WC1, from which source full details as to fares etc can be obtained.

MR CHURCHILL, in a speech in Dundee which was much interrupted, repeated his declaration that the Labour Party was not yet fit to govern.


Friday February 22nd, 1980

BUILDING on part of Shrewsbury’s biggest ever private housing development has been brought to a standstill after a top planner’s claim that the design of some of the homes there is “mediocre and monotonous”.  The £25-million development at Radbrook is being carried out by three companies – and this week they all came under fire from borough planning officer, Mr Harold Berry.  He said that the Radbrook Residents Association was not satisfied with the proposals for the development, and “I am not satisfied with the layout generally on all counts,” he added.


Thursday February 23rd, 1995

‘Breathe on ’em, Salop!’

“BREATHE ON ‘EM SALOP” (price £14.95) is a 256-page hardback book which traces and comments on the 106-year history of Shrewsbury Town. The title is taken from a Gay Meadow rallying call of the 50s – which is when the writer, Mike Jones, began following the team.  His long association with the club has resulted in a publication no self-respecting Shrewsbury supporter should be without.  “What started out as a book of 50,000 words climbed to a final total of 82,000,” said Mike. “When I started the book, I thought I knew a lot about Shrewsbury Town, but now I know twice as much as is in the book.”


Thursday February 25th, 2010

THE SUCCESS of Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn in its first year has enabled savings of £325,000 in council spending.  Shirehall officials have revealed that the £28 million theatre exceeded all expectations for its first year.  A report sets out plans to save [the Council] £263,000 during 2010/11 due to the theatre’s increased income, while a further £62,000 has been clawed back after the rateable value of the theatre proved lower than initially predicted.  Meanwhile, work on the restoration of Vaughan’s Mansion, as part of the £10 million project to transform Shrewsbury’s Music Hall into a museum and heritage centre, has begun.