Memory Corner February 13th 2020

Friday February 13th, 1795

Coleham floods

IN CONSEQUENCE of the sudden thaw after so long a frost, the Severn has overflowed its banks to a higher degree than was ever known in the memory of man… Several houses are fell in; Coleham Bridge is so much damaged, by one of the arches giving way, that it must be wholly taken down and rebuilt. The inhabitants of Frankwell, Coleham, Coton Hill and Abbey Foregate cannot leave their habitations except by boat, and many houses have had the water upwards of 10 feet deep in them.


Friday February 18th, 1820

ON WEDNESDAY the remains of our late venerable Sovereign were deposited in the tomb. In this town all business was suspended, the shops and shutters were closed, divine service was performed at the churches and chapels, and funeral knells were rung. A nation in mourning for a nation’s Father.


Friday February 18th, 1870

AT LEEDS last week a publican was fined for having in his house an organ which played the Old Hundredth Psalm.  The defendant, who had not a music license, said he thought he did not require one for sacred music.

SHREWSBURY IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE – THE SEWERAGE. Mr Alderman Cross handed in a memorial from the inhabitants of Hill’s Lane, praying that something be done to improve the sewerage in that locality…


Friday February 13th, 1920

SALOP COUNTY COUNCIL – Mr William Latham called attention to the suffering among the school children in the Oakengates, Wombridge, Wrockwardine Wood and other districts because of the strike of 200 men which had involved the lock-out of 5,000 others. The distress was so serious that he moved that they put in force at once the Provision of Meals Act for the school children.


Friday February 15th, 1980

HAVING WON away and at home in successive matches for the first time in the Second Division, [Shrewsbury Town manager] Graham Turner is hoping this heralds the start of that run of five or six matches without defeat which he has been praying for and which would take them away from the relegation zone.  The wins over Chelsea and Charlton have in part achieved that, for although Saturday’s victory retained their seventh from bottom place, it enabled them to steer two points clear of the three bottom teams for the first time.


Thursday February 16th, 1995

SHREWSBURY’S LICENSEES claim longer drinking time in the town’s pubs has led to less alcohol related offences. And they are backing calls for extended drinking time at weekends to midnight.  Their call comes after Shrewsbury’s police chief said there had been a massive rise in drink-related assaults on police and obstruction cases in town. Superintendent Mike Smith said alcohol-related assaults on police had risen by 63 per cent, [but] Shrewsbury and District Licensed Victuallers’ Association said police figures also revealed general alcohol related offences had dropped by 30 per cent on last year.


Thursday February 18th, 2010

St Michael’s Shrewsbury war memorial

A CRUMBLING 88-year-old memorial will be cleaned up and restored after cash was secured – with a rededication service planned to honour the memory of the town’s war heroes.  The World War One memorial in the grounds of the former St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Street, Castlefields, has been left to deteriorate in recent years, which sparked First World War enthusiast Ken Bishop to set up a campaign to help save the structure. Five months on, Shropshire branch of the War Memorials Trust has appointed Midland Masonry to carry out the work to bring the memorial – which carries the names of 72 men – back to its former glory, at a cost of more than £600.