Memory Corner December 12th 2019

Friday December 12th, 1794

MONDAY – an inquest was taken at Cleobury Mortimer on the body of a female child, about 4 years of age, who was unfortunately burnt to death by her clothes taking fire, in the absence of the person who had the care of her.  Verdict – accidental death.

DURING the course of the last week we heard continued reports of approaching peace, and at the same time the most vigorous preparations for war on a scale greater than ever, on both sides…


Friday December 10th, 1819

ED HOTCHKISS, keeper of the Mount Gate, near this town, has been fined for charging overweight on a load of manure belonging to Mr Ruscoe of Shrewsbury; also, 40s for charging overweight on a load of grain belonging to Mr Bickerton, of Sandford.

LOST – a large black and white Newfoundland dog, answers to the name of Triton.  Whoever will bring him to the printer hereof will receive a GUINEA REWARD.


Friday December 10th, 1869

Thames tunnel

A NEW TUNNEL has been made under the Thames and will shortly be opened for the conveyance of passengers.  The vehicles will be something between a railway carriage and an omnibus in construction, will be propelled chiefly by gravitation, and all convey first and second-class passengers at about 3½d and 2d respectively.


Friday December 12th, 1919

IT IS SAFE TO PREDICT that this Christmas – the “Peace” Christmas – will prove one of the most successful in the trading annals of the towns throughout the length and breadth of the country.  Money is freer than ever before, the knowledge that Armageddon is at an end has buoyed up the populace for a real good holiday, and thanks to the ruling of the Food Controller, various articles and commodities of a domestic character are released, for instance there should be no shortage of dried fruits.


Friday December 14th, 1979

A MASSIVE RESPONSE to the Mayor of Shrewsbury’s cobalt unit appeal means that the fund is nearly a year ahead of schedule.  The Mayor, Councillor Bernard Lingen, who launched the £1¼ million appeal in May, revealed yesterday that the cancer treatment unit at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital could be built and opened by late next year.  Yesterday Councillor Lingen received further donations which brought the fund up to £380,000.


Thursday December 15th, 1994

MORE THAN 300 lost children have been reunited with their parents during the past year as a direct result of a Shrewsbury police initiative.  The Safe Child scheme, set up just before Christmas 1993, has also seen the length of time in which children are separated from their families reduced from 15 minutes to five. Researched in the aftermath of the Jamie Bulger murder, the Safe Child scheme uses distinctive logos, instruction leaflets and classroom lessons to try and lessen the distress caused by families when children go missing.  It is the brainchild of Community Police Officer Chris Parsons, who said, “For the first time ever, retail staff, parents and children are doing the same thing.”


Thursday December 17th, 2009

A FATHER-OF-TWO from Westbury is officially the best in Britain when it comes to shoeing horses.  Matt Jones received the highest honours in the country on a pioneering new degree course which recognises the art of farriery as a science.  Matt, 42, set up his own farriery business, Sun Forge, 12 years ago after completing his apprenticeship.  Three years ago, he embarked on a new foundation degree course in farriery at Myerscough College, near Preston.  After completing his studies he was presented with a medal and salver for being the best performing student on the course.