Memory Corner April 2nd 2020

Friday April 3rd, 1795

Petty Officer in Nelson’s navy

DIED – on Saturday last in her 75th year Mrs Williams, widow of the late Mr Williams, bookseller, in this town – If moral worth deserves the praise divine/Oh worthy woman! That best gift is thine.

WANTED – TWO MEN for His Majesty’s service in the NAVY for the parishes of Wrockwardine, Eyton, Uppington and Wroxeter, who will advance a bounty of EIGHTEEN GUINEAS to any lusty able-bodied young man and TWO GUINEAS to any person that will bring a man to serve.


Friday April 7th, 1820

THE ANNUAL MEETING AND DINNER of such natives of this county as reside in London took place on Friday at Betton’s in High Holborn.  The meeting had its usual characteristics, namely Shropshire foods – excellent and in profusion, Shropshire anecdotes, and friendly hilarity.


Friday April 8th, 1870

THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY has announced that in future passengers travelling by the fast train leaving Shrewsbury at 10.42am to London will be charged at third class fares, reaching London at 3.45pm.


Friday April 2nd, 1920

MANY SUGGESTIONS have been made recently in regard to the need for some system of NIGHT SIGNALLING for motor cars.  A new system has just been suggested which consists of a coloured bulb in each headlight, two red taillights and two other taillights of another colour.  The whole series of bulbs is controlled by two small levers attached to the dashboard.  When travelling straight ahead two white taillights and a red tail light are shown.  When turning to the right the right headlight is extinguished and a coloured one takes its place, and in addition to the red taillight a coloured rear light shows on the right side.


Friday April 4th, 1980

EVERYWHERE the Downer children from Coton Hill go Skittles the lamb is sure to follow.  The frisky two-month-old was given to Jonathan Downer (9) as a birthday present and Skittles quickly became a firm favourite with all concerned.  Skittles’ number one pal is the Downers’ pet spaniel Tom and the two four-legged friends get up to all sorts of fun and games.  Skittles and Tom both look forward to their daily walk around the block, and these days they are among Coton Hill’s most famous celebrities.


Thursday April 6th, 1995

WHITTINGHAM’S WORLD [farming column]. As the Flying Dutchman is doomed to sail forever the stormy seas around the Cape of Good Hope, so I appear to be condemned to write forever the same article.  The last one lamented the late arrival of spring, due to snow on the tracks.  This one laments the late arrival of spring, due to snow on the tracks.  Don’t miss the next thrilling instalment, about the later arrival… Never mind, when you’ve vued one déjà, you’ve vued them all…


Thursday April 8th, 2010

IT’S a tradition which has lasted for 1,000 years and is one of the last bastions of the old all-male establishment – but now thanks to a change in the law women are in line to be granted the freedom of Shrewsbury.  Now members of the Shrewsbury Gild of Freemen are calling on women with relatives or ancestors who were freemen to step forward and claim their hereditary right.