Memory Corner April 16th 2020

Friday April 17th, 1795

Buildwas cast iron bridge

AT OUR TOWN SESSIONS on Monday last, Mary Evans, convicted of keeping a disorderly house [brothel] in this town, was sentenced to be imprisoned for three weeks, and to stand in the pillory for one hour.

THE COALBROOKDALE COMPANY is to erect a cast iron bridge of one arch over the River Severn at Buildwas, with a span of one hundred and thirty feet, at a cost of £3,700.


Friday April 21st, 1820

AT A MEETING of the inhabitants of the Parish of Halesowen in the County of Salop it was resolved to present a petition to Parliament, that in this Parish, with a population of upwards of eleven thousand inhabitants, who are chiefly employed in agriculture and the manufacture of nails and other articles of iron, both agriculture and trade are in a most deplorable state… The workmen are daily thrown out of employment and pauperism and distress are progressively and rapidly increasing…


Friday April 22nd, 1870

THREE HUNDRED AND TWELVE EMIGRANTS left St Pancras Station, London, on Monday evening for Canada.  They are sent out by the East London Emigration Society, which last year dispatched 1,600 emigrants to Ontario, all of whom are reported to be doing well.

THE YOUNG WOMEN of Lewistown, New York, have formed a society pledging themselves not to kiss any man who uses tobacco, and the young men have formed a society pledging themselves not to look at a young woman who wears false hair.  As a consequence, marriage licences are not in active demand.


Friday April 16th, 1920

Melverley floods by the church

FLOODS HAMPER FARMERS – owing to the very heavy rainfall of the past three weeks, all low-lying parts of the county, and districts like Melverley and other places following the course of the Severn, are flooded.  Water courses and ditches are full, and the countryside generally is waterlogged. Farmers are greatly hampered in their work; spring sowing is much behind everywhere, and in the Oswestry country few farmers have commenced their sowing.


Friday April 18th, 1980

AFTER YEARS OF WAITING Shrewsbury can at last look forward to some form of pedestrianisation in 1982.  The prospect of a partly traffic-free shopping centre moved closer this week when Shropshire County Councillors gave an enthusiastic welcome to plans to pedestrianise Pride Hill. The scheme, costing between £300,000 and £400,000, would start in the late summer of 1981 and would be completed towards the end of 1982.  A study had revealed a flow of up to 1,200 vehicles an hour on Pride Hill.  More than 13,000 pedestrians crossed the street each day.


Thursday April 20th, 1995

A DISABLED Shrewsbury councillor has announced his retirement and will be thanked for his efforts by David Blunkett MP, the party’s education spokesman, who is coming to Belle Vue to commend Councillor Mark Griffiths for his work on behalf of that ward at the borough council.  Councillor Griffiths, who has cerebral palsy, was elected in 1991 and during his period of office served on the environmental health, recreation and leisure, policy and resources, and traffic management committees.  He was also responsible for improving disabled access to buildings, public transport and footpaths in the town.  Mr Griffiths is one of the very few disabled people to have served as a councillor in Britain and probably the only one in the history of the borough council.


Thursday April 22nd, 2010

THE Shrewsbury Chronicle’s Lingen-Davies Cancer Centre Appeal has smashed through the £3 million mark – with just £200,000 left to go before its target is reached.  The news was unveiled during a meeting of the Trustees on Monday.  It is hoped the new purpose-built building – which will include an extension to the chemotherapy unity, an improved head and neck ward and new facilities for haematology patients – will be completed by the end of 2012.