Local History Links

The following are some online resources that are useful for Shropshire history:

National Archives

This is useful for searches beyond Shropshire. Just fill in your search item and the results will point you to the relevant archive.

Discovering Shropshire’s History

This website has archival material, archaeology reports, parish information and links to local societies and archives. Searching can be time-consuming due to the amount of material! However you can limit searches to Shropshire Archives material rather than being lost in the sheer volume of material that's on the site.

Secret Shropshire

This site has many helpful and interesting images from various sources.

Darwin Country

This is the website of the Museums Service, with a mixture of images and some explanation.

Friends of Shropshire Archives

The Friends of Shropshire Archives website has a useful list of local history societies and other groups in Shropshire