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Water Gate

Welcome to Shrewsbury Local History! This website aims to reflect my interest in the human stories of our wonderful town, rather than being a comprehensive history. The initial aim is to publish a series of articles on the people who are remembered through Shrewsbury street names. These articles are slightly expanded and referenced versions of ones that originally appeared in the Shrewsbury Chronicle. You are welcome to use the material, but please indicate its source. The author gratefully acknowledges the help from Shropshire Archives with illustrations as indicated in the text. These are strictly copyright and must not be used without further permission from them. You are welcome to reproduce any other illustrations.

Shrewsbury has more than its fair share of fascinating street names - Wyle Cop, Shoplatch, and Dogpole are obvious examples. But what is often overlooked is how many Shrewsbury streets are named after people. The names of some of these people are well known, such as Darwin and Clive, but who was Hazledine, Haycock, or Carline? This website aims to tell the stories of some of these long-forgotten people.